Charlotte Laundromat

Welcome to Charlotte, NC – A Self Service and Wash & Fold Laundromat

Charlotte, NC is the largest city in North Carolina and it’s now a popular destination for families looking for a beautiful place to live. The Queen City is also the most beautiful places to live in the country with lovely tree-lined streets, amazing parks, and a magnificent skyline.


A New Laundromat Experience in Charlotte, NC

If you have just moved here and you want to identify the best Charlotte Laundromat that provides both self servics and wash and fold services, you’re in the right place. For a long time, laundromats in the city were synonymous with a lot of hassle and time wasting, but with our new Laundry Unlimited location in the city, we have changed all this.


Convenient Location

Remember when you had to visit a laundromat at a dingy address? Why take the risk? Our self service laundromat is conveniently located in charlotte.

Our Laundromat is easy to access and we’re near other crucial amenities such as restaurants, spas, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, hair salons, shopping malls, parks, auto garages, a bitcoin ATM, pets grooming and many other facilities.

Monroe Road is a major artery of the city and you can easily link to the Independence Boulevard or head to N Sharon Amity Road or Sardis Road. Whatever direction you come from or wherever you wish to go after doing your laundry, we’re centrally located, which makes life easier for you.

You can safely park your car or hail cab from our laundromat. Our shop is easy to recognize just by the road, and you feel secure every time you visit us.


New-age technology at Charlotte Laundromat

At our new-age laundromat in the city, we have redefined the laundry experience by providing a clean, relaxing and welcoming setting where you can catch up with your reading as you wait for your laundry.

We have invested in large capacity Speed Queen® Quantum Touch machines for a convenient experience every time you visit our store. It’s now easier to wash and dry your clothes by your self and we guarantee the best services.

The washers have 3 basic cycles, 1 custom cycle, and 3 basic temperature options. The dryers give you 5 basic cycles; high, medium, low, delicate, no heat. With the on-screen timer, you know exactly how much time the cycle will take. If you’re in a hurry, you can select the speed cycle on the touch screen to complete your laundry faster.


Comfort Redefined

As residents of the city, we appreciate how hard it is to find a comfortable place to do laundry. We are on a mission to change this through our new laundromat in Charlotte. We love watching the smiles on our new clients’ faces when they walk in for the first time.

This is not your run-of-the-mill laundromat at the corner of the street, but a state-of-the-art facility. Everything here is client-centered from the big screen TVs, music, to the refreshments and snacks. What’s more, there’s a full selection of laundry detergents and supplies, and charging stations.

The comfortable setting is just what you need to relax as you wait for your laundry. We have bilingual staff at hand to offer you any assistance you need.

Looking for a new laundromat experience in Charlotte?  Visit our Monroe Road Laundromat in Charlotte, NC and experience the new age of self-service laundry services in the city.


4420 Monroe Rd Ste. B Charlotte, NC 28205


7304 E. Independence Blvd Unit M Charlotte, NC 28227

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