Common Laundry Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

Ever thrown away an item of clothing you loved after ruining it doing laundry? Well, it happens. For some people, doing laundry is just tossing clothes into the machine and getting them out once the time goes. Without proper care and a few laundry mistakes, this can easily damage your clothes or even the washer.

In this article, you’ll learn more about common laundry mistakes and tips to avoid them.

1. Failing to Sort Laundry

Whether you’re washing laundry at home or the local laundromat, always start by going through your clothes. Sorting these items by color and material prevents damage to your clothing.

Light-colored clothing should go into the washer together. Check also the material of the garments and separate heavier items. If you have garments that shed lint, separate them from those that don’t to prevent getting sweater fuzz on other garments.

2. Ignoring the Label

So you have bought a beautiful hoodie and you want to wash it with the rest of your laundry? For most people, this is a simple process of throwing it into the washer. This is a big mistake that might cost you that favorite garment. Train yourself to read clothing labels and learn the laundry lingo used.

The information on the labels includes the fabric composition, country of origin, care instructions, care symbols, and wet and dry cleaning. Understanding the care instructions can save you the pain of damaging that item of clothing you love so much.

3.  Using Too High Temperatures

Many people set high temperatures for their laundry. It’s a practice that ruins the garments in the long run. High temperatures cause faster breakdown of fibers, shrinking and accelerated wear and tear. You’ll have to lose your favorite garment once it wears out, which is detrimental to your finances and also the environment.

4. Overfilling the Washer

For most people, overfilling the machine is the easiest solution to save time and energy, but this is counterproductive. It’s impossible to get your clothes cleaned properly when there’s little space for the detergent to work through the items. Leave a gap between the clothing and avoid filling the washer to the brim.

5. Using Too Much Laundry Detergent/Bleach

Large amounts of detergent get you cleaner clothes, right? Well, this is another misconception many people have about laundry. Using too much detergents creates extra suds, and it’s difficult to rinse them off.  . You’ll have a sticky residue on your garments which attracts dirt.

Pouring the detergents or bleach directly onto fabric can bleach or fade the items. Too much bleach is also destructive and causes faster wear and tear. Measure the detergent and watch the fill line closely. Follow the recommendations provided for your load size.

6. Not Zipping Clothes Before Laundry

Zips are metallic or hard plastic and if you don’t close them during laundry, they can easily cause damage to your clothes. As the load tosses around, the zip can rip through lighter garments and cause holes or tears. Before you toss any item into the washer, close the zips and clasps to prevent damage to other items. If you have delicate items, use a mesh bag for added protection.

7. Poor Maintenance of Laundry Machines

If you don’t regularly clean your washing machine, there’s a high risk of grime build up, hard-water deposits, and mold/mildew growth. Use the self-clean cycle feature regularly to maintain the washer in mint condition.  You can also run an empty hot-water cycle with vinegar for thorough cleaning and scrub around the lid and rubber gasket.

For the dryer, clean the machine regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. Remove the lint screen or filter and scrub the lint off with a brush.

These are some common mistakes that might affect the laundry process, the quality of your clothing, and the life of your washing machine.

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