Greensboro Laundromat

Just moved to Greensboro, NC? If so, you’re in for a wonderful in the third-most populous city in North Carolina. The city has a rich heritage and gets its name from General Nathanael Greene, a Revolutionary War hero.

The city is easily accessible with three major interstate highways (Interstate 40, Interstate 85, and Interstate 73) intersecting here. There’s so much history to discover in the city, and of course Greensboro’s layout makes it easy to explore.


Welcome to a New Laundromat Experience


Conveniently Located Greensboro Laundromat

If you’re new here, one of the first things you have to find is a good laundromat. Of course you want to always stay fresh and get more time on your hands to explore the beautiful city. Our newly launched laundry unlimited laundromat on 2402 Coliseum Drive is just the address you need.

We’re conveniently located in the Four Seasons Town Center/ Coliseum area. We chose our location specifically to target the busy residents who’re always on the move. Our new laundromat is within the Four Seasons Town Center near the Koury Convention Center and Sheraton Hotel.

Also, you can walk to the Greensboro Coliseum and enjoy multiple events as you wait for your laundry. From athletic events, cultural arts, concerts, to theater shows, there’s always something happening at the coliseum.


Enjoy Cutting-edge Technology

We appreciate the frustrations many residents face in the traditional corner end laundromats and we have invested in the latest technology for a major shift. For a start, you will enjoy using our cutting-edge Speed Queen® Quantum Touch Machines, which elevate the laundry experience.

By leveraging the latest technology for the washer and dryers, we guarantee our clients higher efficiency and faster services. The intuitive Quantum touch controls make it easy to personalize your laundry experience to suit your needs.

The machines at our Greensboro laundromat feature a 7-inch, full color, touch screen display, and user-friendly screens. The washer come with three basic cycles, 1 custom cycle, 3 basic temperature options while for the dryers you get basic cycles (high, medium, low, delicate, no heat).

This allows you to tailor your laundry experience. The on-screen timer, helps you keep track of time and if you’re in a hurry, you can choose the speed cycle option.


New Level of Comfort at Greensboro Laundromat

Our Greensboro Laundromat on Coliseum Drive offers more than just a laundry experience. We have gone to extra lengths to deliver an amazing experience for our clients through a clean, modern seating space.

We appreciate you might spend a lot of time at our facility and we take your comfort seriously. There’s entertainment through big screen TVs, music, and you can buy refreshments and snacks.

You don’t have to carry any washing products because we have a full selection of laundry detergents and supplies. When at laundry unlimited in Greensboro, NC, you don’t have to worry about your smartphone or laptop running out of juice because we have multiple charging stations.

Whether you want wash and fold services or self-service laundry in Greensboro, NC, our laundry unlimited laundromat is your first stop.


2402 Coliseum Blvd, Greensboro NC 27406