How often should I do laundry?

Laundry as a daily chore, is well, not counted amongst the favorite things to do by most men and women. Not only is it a little time-consuming task, but it also needs to be done repeatedly.

We all like clean and pretty clothes, bedsheets, rugs and what not! But are you washing them, right? Are you washing them enough times? Or are you sure you are not under washing them?

Well, most often it is noted that people with busy schedules, working lifestyles and other tasks in hand have not really mastered the art of laundry. This is not to say that it is a scientific process which involves too many do’s, don’ts or technicalities.

Some people believe that the more often you wash your clothes, the better, cleaner and crispier they look. But what is forgotten is that fabrics tend to loosen up, fade, torn or most importantly, worsen in quality and durability with unnecessary washing.

Factors that determine how often should you do laundry:

The fabric of the garment

Soft materials such as wool, satin, etc. are not to be overwashed or rough washed at all.

Style of the garment

Tossing certain stylish clothes in the laundry basket can cause more damage than cleaning.

Certain colors

Yes, that’s true! Light or pale colors such as nudes, peaches, and whites must be washed unnecessarily. Also, ensure you do not wash these with other darker colors to avoid color transfer.

Type of clothes

Clothes that come in direct touch with the skin such as undergarments, socks must be washed after every use. However, other clothes used for layering such as cardigans, jackets, sweaters do not require frequent laundry.

Where you wore the garment

If you are thinking of washing those sports uniforms worn at a football match, your gym clothes – do it right away! Anything worn in that hot scorching and sweaty afternoon must be washed after every use.

Does that give you enough reason to re-think your laundry habits and schedule? So, how often do you think you should do laundry?

Well, we say – Much less than you actually think, IF DONE PROPERLY!

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