How to Wash and Dry Clothes at the Laundromat Like a Pro

Laundromats provide a convenient solution to do your laundry using high-tech washers and dryers. What’s more, the best laundromats offer exquisite waiting areas, money-changing and soap dispenser machines, entertainment and other accouterments to make the laundry experience more comfortable.

But even with all these attractions, doing laundry at a laundromat can be tedious without proper planning.

This post explores some easy tips to make your laundromat experience easier and to help you wash and dry clothes like a pro.

Choose the Best Laundromat on the Block

You can only enjoy your laundromat experience if you choose the right place. Look for a laundromat that’s modern and where you have groundbreaking technology. The best laundromats now have automated washers and dryers for customized washing and drying. Look for a hygienic, comfortable and well-spaced laundromat with comfy seating areas and entertainment.

Sort Before You Go

The best secret for a successful laundry experience clothes at a laundromat is also the most overlooked. Sort your laundry before you visit the laundromat because this saves you time and guarantees you get a machine faster. When sorting, check the pockets of each garment and look for stains which might require extra time to remove.

If you sort your clothes at home, you get to the store more organized and you know exactly what you want to wash. You get to the laundromat and grab the best machine to get started.

Create a Shortlist of What You Need

Another tip to use a laundromat like a pro is to create a shortlist of item you need for a successful laundry day. This is a simple tip yet many people find they have forgotten something either on the way or at the laundromat. Well, that wastes a lot of your time and your laundry day doesn’t start on the right note.

What do you need for a successful day at the laundromat? Take a look:

  • Loose change or other means of payment, such as credit cards
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Bleach
  • Hangers
  • Pre-sorted laundry
  • Something to keep you busy such as a book, phone and charger, computer
  • Basket or large bag for laundry
  • Snacks if there’s no store around

Check the Machine Before You Start

A quick check of the washer can make all the difference. Look for stains, detergent residue or other materials that could ruin your clothes. A quick wipe of the machine does the trick and you’ll protect your clothes from permanent damage.

Customize Your Washing

Everyone at the laundromat has unique laundry needs, and that’s why the machines come with customization settings. Not all clothes require deep cleaning and you can save on detergent and time with customized settings.

Watch Your Laundry

While you might have some errands to learn, time them precisely to avoid leaving your laundry unattended for long.

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