How to Keep Clothes Looking New

Are you concerned about the rate your fabrics seem to age? The hardest part about keeping clothes looking new isn’t washing or cleaning them but avoiding the bad techniques that make them age faster than expected.

If you are tired of throwing out trendy pieces, here are several tips to help you avoid damage to your clothes and keep clothes looking new & great for a long time:

  • Do What the Label Says

Spend a few seconds to find out how to take care of your clothing to last longer. The instructions can tell you when an item needs special treatment, e.g., when it should be dry cleaned instead of washed.

  • Go Slow on Chlorine-based Bleaches

Chlorine-baed Bleaches cause yellowing over time and breaks down materials, and as a result, your fabrics age faster than expected. They’re great at removing stains and smell but use them sparingly. If you don’t want to sacrifice on removing those tough stains, look into oxygen bleach or hydrogen peroxide-based stain removers.

  • Ensure the Washer is in the Right Setting

Different types of fabrics require different settings to keep clothes looking new. For example, dark colors will fade if you wash them hot, so always use the right settings, e.g., cold water with delicates and dark-colored items. You can also extend clothes’ life by using shorter washing cycles.

  • Put Clothes Inside a Laundry Mesh

Washing clothes inside a laundry mesh bag helps keep their shapes and keeps them from getting caught on anything else in your machine. It also keeps delicate clothing, such as silk or lace, from becoming tangled or snagged. The mesh protects the fabrics from friction, preventing fraying.

  • Use the Right Detergent

For most people, laundry detergent comes down to liquid or powder options. Powder detergent is great if you have hard water and need extra stain-fighting power. But it also makes clothes feel stiff and takes longer to dissolve than liquid detergents. Use an appropriate gentle detergent when possible. They work well for delicate items, such as silk or leather. Look for products labeled delicate or hand wash only on their packaging.

  • Wash Clothes Inside Out

The top fabric or outside of your clothing is more prone to wrinkling and color fading than the inside. Washing them inside out will protect them from everyday wear and tear. Also, turn your clothes inside out when you hang them up; doing so will help keep them wrinkle-free for longer.

  • Air Dry if Possible

The heat from a dryer can break down fibers in fabrics and cause premature shrinking and fading. Instead of using a dryer, hang your clothing to air dry. It allows for clothes to last longer and  also smell fresher.

  • Switch to a Top-loading Washer

The problem with top-loading washers is they use an agitator. This agitator can cause your clothes to get torn and tattered over time, especially if you’re washing anything with buttons or zippers. Front-loaders don’t have these issues because there’s no need for an agitator. Instead, they use gravity, which is easier on your clothes.

  • Use Cold Water

Heat can weaken dyes and cause clothes to wear faster. Keep your wardrobe looking new by washing your clothes in cold water. If you’re looking to keep jeans looking new, stick to cold washes only—this will help preserve their color and fit.

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