Laundry Tips and Tricks for Best Results

Laundry is not the easiest of house chores because of the time and effort it requires. For most folks, this is one household task they would like to never do, yet it’s essential for your health and wellbeing. If you always struggle with laundry, there are a few laundry tips you can do to make life easier. This post highlights some laundry tips that will deliver the best results and make this arduous chore easier to handle.
Sort the laundry

While the machine does most of the work, sorting out clothes before washing makes a big difference. Here’s how to sort your laundry for the best results:

  1. Sort according to fabrics type to avoid abrasion and damage to finer fabrics
  2. Separate items that shed lint and wash these separately from fabrics such as microfiber and corduroy which attract link
  3. Sort according to color shades to avoid accidentally mixing colors. Group dark, medium and light colors separately. Deep colored items should go in on their own for the first few washings
  4. Wash new items and darkly colored items separately and inside out because they might bleed and ruin the rest of the garments may bleed
  5. Wash delicate items such as bras and delicate undergarments in a delicate cycle or by hand
  6. Use a dirty cycle or wash the dirtiest items longer and separately
Ready the Clothes For Washing

After sorting your laundry, there’s still one step before you toss the items into the washer. Check each item and make sure you zip the zipper, remove pins and buckles, and close any hooks. Fix any accessories on your garments to prevent snags and abrasions in the washer. Check the pockets and remove any items, use a mesh bag for delicate items, unfurl socks, and turn delicate items inside out.

Choose the best Laundromat

Laundromats add to the convenience of doing laundry. The best modern facilities feature advanced washers and dryers that boast cutting-edge technology, allowing you to customize your laundry. They are more welcoming and have knowledgeable assistants and amenities such as free Wi-Fi, television, and more. You can choose a suitable package such as self-service, wash and fold, laundry drop, and pickups.

Select the Right Water Temperature

Learn your clothes’ cleaning requirements to get the best results. For delicate items such as undergarments, and others that might shrink, cold water works best. Warm water is best used for synthetic fabrics and items that aren’t too dirty. Use hot water for bed linen, towels, heavily stained items, and white cotton garments.

Like the Right Detergent

Any detergent can work with your clothes, right? Choose the detergent carefully to suit your laundry needs. You have the option of Powder and Liquid detergent. Liquid detergents work best on greasy, oily stains. Powdered detergents are cheaper and work on less stubborn stains.

For the best results with powdered detergent, set the right temperature. For a laundromat, you can choose a single-dose pack measured for an average load. It’s important to avoid using too much detergent, as this creates excess suds. The suds trap dirt and your clothes get dirty too easily.

Act on Stains Immediately

Stains are frustrating and costly. If you want to overcome the challenge of staining, catch the problem early. If you spill something on your garment, soak it in cold water, use a stain remover, and put it in a washer. Only use a dryer if the stain is gone.

Use a Fabric Softener

A fabric softener reduces wrinkles and saves you the tedious task of ironing. Use softener with the lowest dryer temperature setting and remove the clothes quickly from the dryer. Hang the clothes immediately to reduce wrinkles and reduce the need for ironing.

With these Laundry tips, you can improve the results of your laundry process. You can also increase the life of your clothes by preventing damage. The laundry assistants at your laundromat are always ready to assist you and deliver a better customer experience.

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