Tips for Easier Laundromat Trips

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American family goes through 400 loads of laundry every year. Now that’s quite a lot!

Fortunately, if you do some planning beforehand, Laundromat trips can be quick and simple.

Here you will read a few tips to make Laundromat trips easier.

But before venturing into the main topic, let’s know some common mistakes people make while doing laundry.

Common mistakes people make in Laundromat

Laundry mistakes are so common these days that most people don’t even realize they’re making them. Even if you’re doing laundry for years, these mistakes are surprisingly easy to make. Go through these common laundry mistakes that could be harming your clothes.

Overloading the machine :

It seems a good idea to push along just a few more clothes in a load to help finish your laundry faster, but overloading damages your level of efficiency rather than helping it. A machine loaded more than required can’t thoroughly wash each piece of clothing in the load. The detergent you used won’t be distributed evenly and more often than not, some clothes will need to be washed again.

Not using fabric softener properly :

Most people use it regularly but they don’t know what garments to use it on. A fabric softener is applied to soften fibers, which means it can eliminate static cling, reduce wrinkles and make laundry smell good. Fabric softener is not advised to use on flame-resistant or water-repellent fabric, clothing made of microfiber, and towels or sportswear.

Ignoring laundry symbols :

As tedious as it may be, inspecting clothing labels for washing instruction is important. This helps in increasing the longevity of your garments. These labels direct you on exactly how to wash and dry your clothes. Many people don’t pay attention to these instructions and end up having their garments shrunken or misshapen.

Some tips to make your laundromat tips easier:

Sort your laundry at home and save time:

This is a good way of saving some time before reaching the laundromat. You’ll reach there feeling way more organized and this will have you grab machines in time and get the loads underway.

Prefer a laundromat that uses state of the art machines and technology :

Find someplace where you can have your laundry done most efficiently. Modern laundromat companies utilize the latest and most innovative technology to elevate your laundry experience.

If you live anywhere close to Greensboro, we recommend you try our laundry services at Laundry Unlimited. We understand how tedious doing laundry can be but with our innovative speed queen app, we can make your laundry process much more efficient. Our services also include mobile pay and loyalty rewards programs.

Sniff for leftover bleach :

By smelling the bleach dispenser or cup, you’ll know whether the previous patron used the bleach or not. This two-second process can prevent your dark clothes.

Bring hangers :

Like the majority, if you also hate ironing, then this move can help. Just after removing your garments from the dryer, hang them. This will prevent your clothes from getting any wrinkles and thus, save your time ironing.

Clear the dryer’s lint trap :

Most people ignore it but an uncleaned lint trap is one thing that increases the drying process. If you don’t know about lint traps, it is a part of the clothes dryer that traps the lint and acts as a filter. Be the person who cleans out the lint so that the machine won’t have to work extra to dry your clothes.

Use the rolling laundry baskets :

It is a tough job to carry laundry. To take a load off, watch out for a rolling laundry basket. A rolling basket would be useful for carrying dirty and clean laundry in and out of the laundromat.

Best place to do your laundry in North Carolina

We hope you found the tips to make a trip to the Laundromat easier and helpful. We understand that carting your wardrobe out of your house for laundry isn’t much fun. But going to a laundromat like Laundry Unlimited that employs the latest technology is a good option. Here you can kill your time by watching TV, listening to music or browsing the internet with Wi-Fi. We already have a laundromat opened in Greensboro and two opening soon in Charlotte.

Kindly visit our place and give us a chance to serve you. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.