Fall Laundry Tips

Crisp leaves, cold breeze, and events lined up might have us awaiting fall all year but what excites us the most about the season is our fall wardrobe! 

From our versatile jackets that pick up the style to corduroy pants that protect from the cold, the fall wardrobe is what we hold dear for all obvious reasons. However, with fashion comes the responsibility of taking care of the wardrobe. 

Whether it’s the start of the season when you’re unpacking your fleece and flannel with all outfits planned in your mind or the end of the season when it’s time to put back fall apparel and dig out the cozy winter wools, a good rinse of your apparel is a must. As daunting as it may sound, taking care of your fall apparel requires extra effort and maintenance because of the tough fabric type. 

But fret not! To take away all your wardrobe maintenance worries, we have prepared a guide on all the tips you need to know to save you from the hassle and your clothes from wearing. Here is how you can wash your fall apparel the right way

Laundry tips for different fabric types

Fleece and Sweats

Beginning with our go-to fall wear! Whether you’re staying in, watching a Halloween movie on a couch, or gathering around a bonfire in the backyard, a fleece jacket, and a sweatpant is the best combo one can put on. As routinely as these are worn, they require a wash after every 3-4 wears. Try to turn the clothes inside out before putting the machine to thoroughly cleanse the material and avoid washing it with other cloth types. Wash thoroughly to rinse any detergent residue and dry outdoors in a good breeze.  

Leather and Suede

Our saviors against the weather and outstanding for chic fashion, leathers, and suedes are the most delicate yet low-maintenance fabrics. Despite their constant usage, these fabrics ask for a wash only once or twice per season. 

To keep it in the best shape, it is advised not to wash the material at home, instead, give it for expert cleaning. Leathers and suedes are usually dry cleaned to avoid crumpling. Avoid excessive moisture, rubbing, and cleaning agents to keep the material from wearing out color loss, and cracks.

Wool and cashmere

Unlike leathers that need to be washed only once or twice in the season, wool, flannel, sweaters, and cashmere need to be washed after every 3-4 wears. Although this fabric can be washed with water but should be avoided if possible. Too much exposure to water might cause the wool to look dull and lose its softness. It is advised to get the wool fabric dry cleaned for intensive cleaning. Use a brush to remove any dirt, debris, or fur built up, hand wash the fabric, and dry outside in late sunlight if washed at home. 

Cleaning tips

Warm vs Cold water

If you think that standard water temperature is suitable for all cloth types, you have been doing it wrong all your life. For your fall laundry, it is important to be specific about water temperature. It is advised to use warm water for washing flannel to prevent the material from shrinking and avoid color fading. Similarly, it is encouraged to use cold water while hand washing knits to avoid snags. 

Enhancing the Shine

Don’t let that leather charm fade away! To keep your leather chic and shining, use a soft cloth with a few drops of olive oil to wipe the jacket and clean any dirt from the leather surface. 

Enhancing the Color

To brighten up the colors of your wool, add a few drops of white vinegar while hand washing the fabric. Moreover, avoid fabric softener with fall/winter laundry to avoid stiff and dull fabrics. 

That’s all you needed to know to keep your previous fall wardrobe up to the mark. 

Fall is finally here. With it getting cooler outside, it’s time to start bringing out your fall clothes. Bring them down to Laundry Unlimited to get them to freshen up and smell good.

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