Wash and Fold

Wash & Fold Laundry Service in Charlotte and Greensboro NC

Laundry is one of the most disliked household chores, and yet it’s a fact of life. At Laundry Unlimited, we understand how important your clothes are to you when clean and ready to wear. For this reason, our team of professional cleaners at our modern-look wash and fold laundromats take the highest level of care of every garment you deliver to us.

We’re a modern laundromat company leveraging the latest technology in laundry to deliver exceptional wash and fold laundry services in Greensboro and Charlotte, NC. At our full-service laundromat, we go that extra mile to give our clients an outstanding experience every time they use our laundromat.

Our Process

We wash your clothes using your preferred detergents, fold them neatly and package them beautifully ready for picking. All you need is to simply gather your dirty laundry and deliver them at one of our state-of-the-art laundromats.

Our professionals get to work to ensure we deliver the best turnaround, as promised. We separate your laundry carefully into light and dark colors before we wash them. Our professionals handle one order at a time, and we don’t mix orders in the same machine.

Once the clothes are clean, we dry them on medium heat to ensure the garments keep their original shape. We then fold your laundry neatly and pack them in branded laundry bags ready for picking.

Our Technology

To deliver on our 100% satisfaction, we have invested in high performance Speed Queen® Quantum Touch Machines and technologies. This cutting-edge laundry equipment helps deliver a new level of wash and fold services for our clients.

For the best customer experience, we have launched an app to complement our laundry services. Our Speed Queen App makes our wash and fold laundry services even easier. You can check for available washers, receive notifications on the progress of your laundry, and even pay on the app. This revolutionary laundry app is a game changer and a first in the city.

Don’t spend hours during weekends on your laundry. At Laundry Unlimited, we’re here to help and make your life easier. Get in touch today or use our Speed Queen App to find out more.

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Wash & Fold Laundry Service

Clothing & Towels

Includes detergent (Gain or Tide)
15lb minimum

Tide/Gain Laundry detergent (additional cost)

Ariel is our “house” detergent

Separate load with bleach

Separate whites with bleach

Add softener or bleach

Mattress protector

If a customer wants there WDF pickup order the same day, we weigh is $2.00/lb instead of $1.50/lb

King Comforter
or Blanket


Queen Comforter
or Blanket


Full/Twin Comforter
or Blanket


Bed Sheet
Any Size


Two Pillows
Any Size