Washing Bedding/ Comforter at a Laundromat

A fluffy comforter is the ultimate addition to your bed for comfort, but it’s also difficult to wash at home. The bedding adds a touch of comfort to your bed and boosts sleep quality. Comforters and other bedding require specialized care because of their delicate materials and bulky size. The bulky bed linen might not fit into a typical washer at home unless you squeeze it. Squeezing your comforter into an ordinary machine might lead to damage and the bedding won’t get clean.

Using a laundromat solves the problem with the commercial-grade washers and dryers optimized to handle large loads. If you want to wash your bedding at a laundromat, here are some tips to do it right.

1. Prep the Comforter for Washing

Before you head to a laundromat in your area, check the condition of your comforter. Look for any tears, loose threads/fibers, holes, or loose seams. Repair any form of damage on your bedding to prevent further tears. Whatever cycle you choose in a washing machine can worsen minor damage to your bedding.

2. Read the Manufacturer’s Care Label

Comforters, duvets, and other bedding have special construction, which allows for optimal performance. For instance, a comforter has natural material such as wool, or silk, down feathers or alternative down filling, including polyester. The backing material protects the delicate filling and requires proper care.

To properly wash your comforter/bedding, read the manufacturer’s care instructions. Every comforter comes with a care label that guides you on the type of wash, water temperature, bleaching, drying, and ironing instructions.

3. Pre-treat the Comforter to Remove Stains

Before you head to the laundromat, pretreat any stains on your bedding. Stain removal at home makes your work easier at the laundromat. Because of their bulk, comforters don’t have lots of space to move inside a washer. Stubborn stains might remain on the bedding, which is the last thing you want. Check for stains and use a stain remover. You can spot treat the stain by soaking the stained area and rinsing several times to remove the stain.

4. Use the Right Detergent in the Right Amounts

Confirm from the manufacturer’s care label if there’s a recommended detergent type. Some laundromats and stores sell specialized bedding detergents. Always go for gentle detergents that won’t damage the comforter down or the backing material. Harsh detergents might react with the comforter fibers, leading to gradual damage.

One of the biggest misconceptions when cleaning bedding is that more detergent is better. For the best wash, use less than normal detergent to avoid leaving residue on the fabric. Excess detergent doesn’t come off easily and your comforter will attract dirt and dust easily.

5. Choose the Right-sized Washing Machine

At the laundromat, you’ve different washer sizes. Always go for the biggest to accommodate your comforter. The commercial washers and dryers allow enough room for the bedding to turn. To clean more than one comforter or with other bedding, balance the load to avoid washing machine malfunction. Tennis balls help to balance the load for uniform cleaning.

6. Choose Correct Machine Settings

For best results when washing your comforter at a laundromat, choose delicate settings on the machine. Use cold or warm water to clean your bedding thoroughly without any risk of damage. Use a fast spin cycle which ensures you don’t leave moisture on the downing or the top layer.

7. Dry Your Comforter

Before you place the comforter in a dryer, give it a good shake to remove any wrinkles. Use low-heat settings to ensure the downing in the bedding dries completely.  Check the comforter in the dryer every 15 minutes to confirm it doesn’t lump. Use tennis balls in the dryer to ensure uniform drying. Air the comforter at home before you pack it for storage.

Washing bedding/comforter in a laundromat makes your work easier. To get the best laundry services, choose the Laundry Unlimited laundromats in your area. Our modern facilities boasts cutting-edge technologies and offer comfortable settings to do your laundry, and professional staff to help you.