Reasons Why You Should Wash New Clothes before Wearing Them

For most people, buying new clothes is an exciting affair. After waiting for some time to finally grab that blouse, dress, jacket, or any other clothing item, you can’t wait to wear it. New clothes are perfect because they look neat and have everything to match your taste. The last thing you have in mind is washing the new item before you finally wear it. Washing new clothes even sounds like ruining that perfectly crisp and smart garment.

If you always wear new clothes without washing them, you’re in for a surprise. Washing the new garments is not only healthier for you but also beneficial to your new clothes. Find out more about the benefits of washing new clothes before wearing them.

  1. To Protect Your Skin

Before new clothes hit the market, the manufacturers use different products to maintain the items in the best shape. From stain repellents, softeners, to color fasteners, cloth manufacturers use different chemicals to keep their products looking and feeling new. For shipping, manufacturers use Urea-formaldehyde to prevent mold or mildew, which would damage the fabric.

These chemicals won’t affect everyone, but for people with sensitive skin, the chemicals might cause skin irritations and other problems. You might develop a rash which, if untreated, can develop into sores. To protect yourself, wash the new clothes if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Loose Dye Transfer

In the last stage of clothes’ manufacturing, new garments go through a dying process to give them that bright color you love so much. The new garment might have some loose dye on the surface, which can lead to a big mess if you pack the new clothes with the rest. The dye might transfer onto your body or onto other items in your wardrobe, leading to costly damage. The dye can also lead to a rash-like skin problem which requires treatment by a dermatologist.

  1. Eliminating Contaminants

During storage or shipping, fabrics might collect germs and it’s hard to notice when you buy these products. In most stores, everyone can test these clothes, which leaves a high risk of skin infections and other contagious problems. After you buy a new garment, washing it as instructed on the care label is the only way to kill bacteria and other contaminants and stay safe. If you notice a rash after wearing that new t-shirt or denim trouser, get it cleaned to prevent further skin problems.

  1. Eliminating Odor

Cloth manufacturing is a process that involves use of multiple chemicals. While manufacturers do their best to get rid of these chemicals, you might notice an unpleasant odor in your new clothes. Washing the garment removes the odor and gives that new garment a fresh smell from your detergent and softener.

Tips for Washing Your New Clothes

New clothes are complicated to wash because you have no prior experience with the item. Here are simple tips to clean your new clothes properly:

  1. Wash the new clothes alone to avoid color bleeding or dye/chemical transfer, which might ruin the rest of your laundry
  2. Use gentle detergent because new clothes don’t have stubborn stains. Harsh detergents or bleach might ruin the fabric of your new garment and reduce its life. Read the manufacturer’s care label on your new clothes and follow the instructions.
  3. Use specialized detergents for odor or vinegar

Wrapping Up

When you buy new clothing, you feel excited and you want to try it out. However, the new garment might lead to skin problems or ruin the rest of your clothes. Washing your new clothes protects you and allows you to enjoy a new look without unnecessary risks.

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