Reasons to Choose Us for Your Laundry Needs in Charlotte, NC

Modern life is hectic and for most people, there’s hardly enough time to focus on wellbeing. Think of all the deadlines you have to meet, household chores, evening classes, online meetings, or kids’ school meetings. The list of to-do tasks keeps growing. To avoid mental breakdowns, you need ways to make life easier. Now, laundry is among the most tedious tasks on the list, but you can make things easier with a choice of the right laundromat in town.

Doing laundry at a laundromat saves you time and money. It’s one of life’s conveniences and leaves you more time to focus on yourself. With commercial washers and dryers, you complete your laundry faster.

But laundromats aren’t equal. Laundry Unlimited brings a whole new meaning to laundromats. Gone is the bland traditional look replaced by a new tech-inspired and comfy laundromat setting. There’s so much more to love about our new laundromat in Charlotte, NC. All that in a moment.

New Age Laundromat in Charlotte, NC

Laundry Unlimited isn’t a run-of-the-mill laundromat. Rather, this is a brand that is disrupting the laundry industry through innovative solutions. The new age laundromat is customer-centric with everything geared towards an exceptional laundry experience.

We’ve spent so much time listening to clients’ feedback and this has inspired us to try a different experience. To us, client feedback is crucial to continue setting our high standards.

Why Choose Us?

We believe laundry doesn’t have to be a nightmarish experience. For this reason, we’ve built laundromats with a difference. Here are some reasons to choose us:

Cutting-edge Equipment

People use laundromats for convenience and to save time. As such, we’ve invested in cutting-edge machines optimized to deliver the best experience. Our Speed Queen® Quantum Touch machines come with advanced features to deliver a remarkable experience.

The machines feature a 7-inch full-color, touch-screen display. The intuitive and user-friendly screen has simple built-in instructions. You can customize your laundry with different settings; basic cycles, custom cycles, and three basic temperature options.

The dryers offer 5 basic cycles; high, medium, low, delicate, and no heat. The machines have an on-screen timer and if you want to save time, the speed Cycle option is perfect for you. The machines have a choice of 32 different languages on the display.

Speed Queen App

How would you love to track availability of machine slots from your smartphone? Maybe you want to get an alert when your load is ready? The Speed Queen App available on Android and iOS is a game-changer. You can now enjoy the convenience of managing your laundry at our laundromat from your phone. You can also pay from the app which adds to the convenience.

Wide Range of Laundry Solutions

Every household owner has unique laundry requirements. At Laundry Unlimited, we recognized the need to deliver a wide range of laundry solutions to suit different client needs. You can choose the self-service or go for the wash and fold service. Each package has its own perks and our machines can handle all kinds of clothing.

Modern Laundromat Setting

If you always dread going to the old, worn-out laundromats in the city, you’re in for a surprise. Laundry Unlimited shops have comfortable seating where you can catch up with your reading. You’ll also enjoy large screen TVs, soft music, and Wi-Fi internet.

Flexible Payment Solutions

For added convenience, we offer flexible payment methods. There are in-store kiosks that accept cash and credit/debit cards. We accept cash or coins and you can also pay through the Speed Queen App.

Laundry doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. At our new laundromat in Charlotte, NC, we’re redefining the laundromat experience. Visit today and experience the future of laundry.