Winston Salem Laundromat

Winston Salem is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. The city boasts a rich history, famous Southern hospitality, beautiful scenery, coupled with a vibrant art culture, outstanding restaurants, and innovative and exceptional cultural attractions.

If you’re a resident here, you have one more thing to look forward to. Laundry Unlimited is finally coming to town. We’re the most exciting laundromat chain integrating innovative technology in our facilities for the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Game-changing Laundry Unlimited Comes to Town

At Laundry Unlimited, we’re all about safety, convenience, and comfort achieved through modern amenities and cutting-edge technology. We’re delivering new laundromat experience guaranteed to add some joy to your life.

Ours is a disruptive approach to the industry because we want to change the whole idea of a laundromat as a place to dread. Forget the corner-end laundry facilities, which made the laundry experience even worse and welcome to a clean and tech-laden laundromat in Winston Salem.

What’s So Different about Laundry Unlimited?

We’ve distinguished ourselves from every laundromat in North Carolina, in different ways. At our new Winston Salem, we shall continue this tradition through:

  • Safe and Convenient Location

Our new laundromat is coming soon at 4830 Country Club Rd. Winston Salem, NC 27104 Next to Food Lion. This is an easy-to-access location whether you’re driving, riding your bike or hailing a cab. With 24/7 video surveillance and great indoor lighting, you’ll be safe to do your laundry at our shop.

  • Latest Laundry Machines

We appreciate that old machines at local laundromats are the frustrating and that’s why we’ve invested in large capacity Speed Queen® Quantum Touch machines. The machines can handle more items, they’re faster and easier to operate.

With the intuitive touch screen, you can select from three basic cycles, one custom cycle, and three basic temperature options. For the dryer, you have five basic cycles; high, medium, low, delicate, and no heat. There’s an-screen timer for added convenience and you know exactly how much time you’ll be waiting. If you’re in a hurry, the Speed Cycle option in the machines comes in handy.

  • Revolutionary Speed Queen App

How would you like to manage your laundromat experience with your smartphone? We have you covered with the Speed Queen app. This versatile app helps you view machine availability, pay from your phone, and monitor your laundry.

  • Flexible Laundry Services

Everyone has unique laundry needs and that’s why at our new Laundry Unlimited in Winston Salem, NC, you’ll enjoy a wide range of laundry solutions. These include self-service and wash/fold services. We offer fast turnaround for the wash dry and fold services about 4-5 hours.

  • Convenient Payments

Are you tired of carrying coins in your pocket every laundry day? We feel you, and therefore we have an in-store payment kiosk where you can make payments with cash and credit/debit cards. Better still, you can pay from our mobile app, which is a ground-breaking technology in this industry.

  • Redefining Laundromat Standards

If you thought laundromats can’t be fun, think again. With our upcoming Laundry Unlimited laundromat in Winston Salem, we’re redefining the standards. We’ll have a warm and welcoming waiting lounge with Wi-Fi, big-screen HDTVs, USB charging ports, comfy seating, and high-end temperate/humidity control. Your comfort comes first.

Your Favorite Place to Do Laundry in Winston Salem, NC

If you have been looking for a better place to do your laundry around Winston Salem, NC, we’re here to help. Our soon to be opened Laundry Unlimited laundromat is a game changer and we want you to experience the difference.

We’ll have an experienced multi-lingual team of professionals to help you. Tired of frustrations in your local laundromat, welcome to a new laundromat experience in Winston Salem, NC.

4830 Country Club Rd. Winston Salem, NC 27104 (Next to Food Lion)