Laundry Unlimited Is Expanding to Charlotte and Winston Salem

For most household owners, laundry is one chore they would like to do without, yet it’s also essential. Of course, everyone would love the comfort and neat look of freshly-cleaned clothes without having to do the washing. If you have a family, laundry becomes even more tedious with all the sorting, washing, and folding. Even with a washing machine in your house, there’s still a lot you have to do to complete your laundry.

Luckily, a local laundromat offers a timely solution. These facilities offer help for one of the most difficult household chores. If you’re in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, NC, there’s even better news with the impending arrival of Laundry Unlimited in the two cities.

If you’ve always struggled with your laundry, it’s time for a new laundromat experience in your city. The industry-disrupting Laundry Unlimited laundromat has created a wave in Greensboro and they’re soon opening in Charlotte and Winston Salem.

Read on and find out what’s different about the new laundromat concept.

Experience Revolutionary Laundromat Concept Landing

Slow, outdated washers and dryers, dirty facilities, and poor customer service can ruin the convenience offered by local laundromats. This is a common situation in most cities and it’s a story that Laundry Unlimited set out to change with their first laundromat in Greensboro, NC.

Today, these customer-centric laundromat continue to make an impact in the region through more efficiency, excellent customer services, and innovative laundry solutions.

If you had already given up on the local laundromats, you’re in for a new experience at the soon-to-launch Laundry Unlimited in Winston Salem and Charlotte, NC.

The Laundry Unlimited Difference

To appreciate the excitement around the opening of Laundry Unlimited laundromats in the new locations, look at the following features you’ll find at these facilities.

  • Customer-first Experience

You might not have had a good experience at your last laundromat visit in Winston Salem, or Charlotte, but that’s about to change. Laundry Unlimited is a brand built with the customer in mind and this reflects in their highly trained and friendly laundry personnel.

If you need any help at the laundromat, there’s someone to assist. Most of the assistants speak English and Spanish, and they’re always ready to help. Whether you want self-service or wash and fold services, you’ll enjoy the experience at the new laundromats.

  • State-of-the-Art Machines 

The quality of washers and dryers at a laundromat determines the experience you have at the facility. With this in mind, Laundry Unlimited has invested heavily in state-of-the-art washers and dryers to deliver an outstanding laundry experience to customers.

The high-capacity machines leverage the latest technology for faster washing and drying. The intuitive 7″, full color touchscreen display allows you to customize your wash to suit your needs.  The built-in instructions are easy to follow while the machines come with easily customizable operations.

  • Speed Queen App

The Speed Queen app is a first in this industry and syncs with the washing machines to help you monitor your laundry. The app also provides a convenient payment method and you’ll receive notifications about your laundry promptly.

  • Clean Modern Laundromat

If you dread using the local laundromats due to the low standards, you’ll love the Laundry Unlimited facilities in Winston Salem and Charlotte, NC. These stores come equipped with amenities that revolutionize your laundry experience.

Consider the comfy seating, USB charging stations, high-speed Wi-Fi, and large screen HDTVs, and you get a picture of the perfect laundromat. What’s more, there’s an in-store payment kiosk where you can use your card or pay in cash. With a team of assistants at hand to maintain high hygiene standards, you’ll start looking forward to your laundry days.

Who said laundry can’t be fun? At the new Laundry Unlimited laundromats in Winston Salem and Charlotte, NC, you’ll love every minute of your laundry experience.